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Effect of Link Exchange on Page Rank

The websites with high page rank have great chances of being crawled by search engine and receive more web visitors from search engines or other directories online. High page rank is thus important for a website and all the webmasters eagerly find the ways to increase their website’s page rank. One of the popular ways to increase the page rank is through the link exchange.
First, it is important to understand what is page rank and how search engine like google, yahoo and msn rate and rank the website. Generally, search engine will rate and rank the website by the link popularity. Link popularity is determined by the quantity and quality of relevant links to other websites. Google search engine especially measures the “quality” of the sites providing the links.
There are two types of links to a website, “Backlink” or “inlink” is the incoming links to a website while “outlink” is the outgoing links from a website to other websites. Some websites achieve good page rank through link exchange activities and it is not easy to find that their websites have many backlinks and outlinks. However, not all links are created equal. Webmasters have forgotten the relevancy of the content for their neighboring webpages.
In short term, the websites would get a good page rank, but google does not like link farm. Google to ensure the users get the most relevant search results by analyze the page content of the website and also analyze the content of neighboring websites. Google will penalize the website if they discover the website links to unrelated sites with irrelevant information. They will also label the links they generate as spam. As a result, the page rank of the website would fall or even banned by search engine.
Webmasters are advisable to use good linking strategies to increase the page rank and link popularity score of a website. They should be more careful when practice link exchange and avoid automated link generators. By maintain coherent theme, include the links in page content and have quality inlinks and outlinks will increase the link popularity score in the long run.

2 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    Thanks Moonloh, very good and helpful information in this post!

  2. Moon says:

    Hope it helps you in some ways and get you some ideas on how search engine rate and rank the website. Do let me know if your “/blog” launched! =)