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Collect Stories, Share Stories

People like stories, instead of keep sharing or pitching your products or business opportunity, you should collect stories and share the stories. I find that this is very powerful tool especially through the collection of stories, not only we learn something from others, gain knowledge and gain insights, but we can share the stories to our prospects. By listening to other people’s story on the WHY, we should keep them in our mind. When we talk to our prospects, we may quickly search from our mind whose story is the most similar. Share with them the story and let them feel that they are not alone but people similar like them already in the boat.

Why a Senior Sales Manager join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

Why a Fresh Graduate join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

Why a University Student join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

Why a Home Business Owner join Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha?

And this is my own story why after 2 years in Internet Marketing, I finally work with a team in Vemma and Vemma Team Alpha.

I always say HAVE FUN in using Social Media to do Network Marketing. You must know how to have fun before you can attract people to your business opportunity. Share with you a video I like most.. This video always make my day! This is one of the reason why I like my business, why I like my team and why I like Social Media. Enjoy! :)

I truly hope you get some ideas on how to expand your business and have lots of fun in your Network Marketing business.

To find out how to join us in Vemma Team Alpha, fill in the form at http://team.myvemmaonline.com and I will keep in touch with you.