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Affsphere Article Marketing

I heard about Affsphere Article Marketing through the email from Yaro Starak and Patric Chan. This is a new article marketing directory that released by Anik Singal on 12th August 2008. Affsphere not just a purely articles submission website for driving traffic, it also allows you to accumulate credits through your submission of articles or refer people into Affsphere. It is the first article directory that pay authors and referrers.

This video shows the 8 ways you make money from Affshpere and the summary of 8 ways are: -

  1. Traffic generation
  2. Trade “Ad Credits” For Banners
  3. Trade “Ad Credits” For Adsense
  4. 5-Tier Downline
  5. Viral Affsphere Recruiting
  6. Affiliate Classroom Commissions
  7. Affiliate Links In Your Articles
  8. Commissions On AffSphere Sales
  9. Find out more about AffSphere, please visit AffSphere.

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5 Responses

  1. enny says:

    yet to submit any articles. still working on writing an article.

  2. Moon says:

    Glad to see you here! Be frankly, article submission is a tough work when first start, but you will find that you are improving from time to time and you will learn from the writing and research. Hope you do well in article marketing.. =)

  3. NightNurse says:

    Thanks Moon for the info – I started Anik Singal and Rosiland Garners blog classroom coarse but haven’t been able to finish it yet due to several family emergencies. I liked the coarse they were teaching so I’m sure this will be good too.

    It looks like a good way to make some money building a downline. Since I see you like facebook, let me tell you about a new social network that is paying its members 80% of it’s advertising revenue just to be a member and it’s Free to join and belong. Check it out. This is a win-win situation for all.


  4. I am very interested in article marketing and the Affspere looks like a winner.

  5. [...] “Affsphere Article Marketing” – My website lists in the second page of search results. [...]