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Affiliate Marketing – A Huge Business On The Internet

Affiliate program is one of the internet marketing that you can generate full time income working at home. The best thing about affiliate program is that You Are Guaranteed to Make Money because you only pay for sales generated.

There are three types of affiliate programs: -

Pay per click
You get paid when someone clicks through a link.
A very good example is Google Adsense. When the visitors click on the ads placed at your website, they will pay you accordingly.

Pay per lead
You get paid when your visitors sign up at your merchant site. The sign up could be in the forms of newsletter, request for a quote, download a trial version etc. Normally the sign up are free for your visitor.

Pay per sale
You get a portion of profits on everything that is sold and this is by far the most popular type of affiliate program. There are many free sites that you can sign up and choose your own affiliate products. The most popular are:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Paydotcom
  3. Commission Junction
  4. ShareASale

Affiliate program is just a business with low risk but high margin, you just need to start up by set up your own website and make money online today!

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7 Responses

  1. Affiliate marketing is such a great way to make money on a part time basis.

  2. Kenji Tay says:

    Affiliate Marketing is the thing to go if you are just starting out on Internet Marketing. It is straight forward and can really stretch your learning curve in regards to IM. Should you wish to start earning a decent income off the net, try out Affiliate Marketing first, then you will know if IM is for you..

    Its NEVER too late to start, Its only a matter of IF you want to start..

    -Kenji Tay

  3. Moon says:

    Hi Affiliate Marketing,
    Yah, I agree with you. Nowadays people surf net a lot and it’s a good chance to do it on a part time basis.

    Hi Kenji,
    I visited your blog and found that you are in great passion with IM. Hope we can share more with each other in near future. =)

  4. matt says:

    hi moonloh, i’m interested in affiliate marketing! but i have my doubts, its the first time i’m stepping into this, as you say affiliate marketing is part-time, and i’m still a student.

    is whenyouhost real? $100 investment is a lot to me.
    any views on this. thanks!

  5. Moon says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your message, I would like to discuss this with you in private and I’ve email to your Yahoo. Kindly check and pls do not hesitate to contact me should you need further assistant. We share together in IM. =)

  6. matt says:

    hi moonloh, thanks, hmmm, my yahoo seems unreachable. maybe you can contact me here! (= clarenceleongmatthew@gmail.com

    thanks a lot.

  7. Moon says:

    yah Matt, the email was returned. I have resent to your email above. =)